More Bang From the Bubble?
Cold Fusion Revisited 

March 25, 2004

A small startup company, Impulse Devices, is gunning for the first practical sonofusion desktop thermonuclear fusion machine. Impulse Devices has scaled up its chambers for sonic-driven fusion. If it's next generation of test device s delivers as hoped, micro-scale fusion might be a consequence. Impulse Devices hopes that within ten to twenty years, spheres measuring a few feet in diameter might be able to deliver power to remote villages.
   In the meantime, continuing back-burner research into cold fusion has led to more compelling evidence of its existence, and some physicists have agreed to give it a go.
    Another intriguing article concerns the idea that "Bacteria 'may cause cancers'  - BBC". This has already been established for helicobacter pylori, which is now accepted as helping trigger stomach cancer. Now it's being suggested that other cancers may arise the same way.


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