More Notes from Your Canary 

March 4, 2004

    I have reached a point where, for whatever reasons, I'm feeling uncommonly energetic and alert. Tonight, I ran 2 miles again. This will be the 6th or 7th times I've tried it since I quit 19 years ago. I'm rapidly picking up speed, and it's rapidly getting easier. I feel like running everywhere again just because it feels good. I'm thinking of Dr. Ames' rats "doing the macarena". 
    I've kept a diary of my temperature pulse rate, and blood pressure for the past week. My pulse rate about two minutes after running was 119, and my blood pressure was 102/65. My temperature was 96.2 F, or 2.4 degrees below the 98.6 standard. My lowest pulse rate (in bed yesterday morning) was 55. My lowest temperature (on Monday morning) was 94.4. My blood pressure has continued to drop over the past week, with systolic pressures in the 130's and 120's falling to systolic pressures in the 120's and the 110's.
Of course, I've lost weight, and it's possible that all the improvements I'm experiencing are the result of simple weight loss. But whatever, the cause, they're now quite noticeable and quite welcome.


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