Results of My Bloodwork

February 18, 2004

    After posting Tommie's lipid profile (HDL = 65, LDL = 65, Total CholesteroI = 139; Triglycerides = 45), I promised that I would publish my bloodwork when I got it, to see what our diets are doing to or for us. So here it is.
    I had eaten a large egg the day before I was tested because, when I ate the egg,  I didn't know I was going to be tested the next day. I don't know whether or not it made a difference, but...

    Total Cholesterol = 180
                           HDL =  71
                           LDL =   98
           Triglycerides =   56.

    These numbers aren't as good as Tommie's, but Tommie is on Zocor, a statin drug. Also, Tommie's numbers, although they're good, were exceptionally good the night she was got the above lipid numbers.

    My fasting blood sugar was 81.

    I would have preferred that my fasting blood sugar be down in the seventies, but hey! I'll take it! It beats adult-onset diabetes.


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