Tommie's Heart Attack

    As you've probably noticed, I haven't been my usual Chatty-Kathy self for the last two weeks. The reason is partially the holidays, and partially Tommie Jean's heart attack.
When it happened:
    On Saturday, December 27, Tommie and I had happily parted when I went off to climb Suicide Hill. While I was gone, Tommie got into an overwhelmingly upsetting situation, and she developed severe chest pain. Our daughter-in-law drove her to the Emergency Room, where she was treated for a light heart attack. How light? Well, her cardiac enzymes were slightly elevated. However, the cardiologist who treated her has told her tat within about six months, her heart will have healed. Apparently, there was a little damage to the front of her heart.
Tommie's lipid profile
    When her bloodwork came back, her LDL was 65, her HDL was 65, her total cholesterol was 139, and her triglycerides were 45. These are numbers that any teenager should envy, and, I think, remarkable for a (very young-looking) 68-year-old grandmother. A cardiac catheterization revealed that her arteries are "clear". (I haven't had a chance to ask how clear "clear" means.) 
Tommie's predisposition for a heart attack
    Ten years ago, Tommie had been flagged with a total cholesterol level of 298, and elevated cholesterol levels and heart attacks are not uncommon in her family. In 1995, one of her younger brothers had a heart attack and a bypass operation. Tommie has been on Lescol (a statin drug) and more recently, on Zocor ( a more recent statin drug), and Zocor undoubtedly deserves part of the credit for her phenomenal labwork results. However, I'm also speculating that a part of her extraordinarily good blood lipid profile might possibly stem from the high levels of state-of-the-art nutrients we consume, and the heart-healthy lifestyles we follow. We'll know more the next time your canary gets his bloodwork done. (I'm waiting a couple of months until I finish losing weight, and until the latest round of experimental interventions has a chance to do whatever it's going to do. (I realize that some of these strategies may require more than a few months to achieve full expression.)
We'll know more later this month
    We'll see Tommie's cardiologist later this month, and then there will be a chance to ask questions. I'd like to know Tommie's levels of homocysteine and of c-reactive protein. Interestingly, her cardiologist has prescribed folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 for her... supplements we've both been taking for years in about the same amounts as he has precscribed.  I'm wondering if, maybe, her serum homocysteine levels were too high.
Can stress really cause a heart attack?
    It's hard to imagine someone having a heart attack over any level stress, but maybe when you're 68 years old it can happen. Apparently, that's the going hypothesis about what happened. I was a bit concerned until her bloodwork came back that something we had done might have contributed to her heart attack, but we now think it may have saved her life.
    Tommie's blood sugar was 135, but it wasn't sugar so that's probably not significant. Also, her systolic blood pressure has been running relatively high for her... in the 130's... so we'll watch that. I think Tommie is trying to trim a few pounds. She's not overweight, but she could probably lose a few pounds without endangering herself..
    I think Tommie will be fine. 
    We now know that it isn't safe for her to become that upset.

Meanwhile, what about your canary?
    I'm feeling great. I'm down to 142 pounds, and counting. My blood pressure is still too high, so I'll go a little farther down in weight, and try a few additional measures (vitamin C and argenine) to further lower my blood pressure. I'm still running in a caloric restricted mode, and I'm still slowly losing weight, so presumably, my metabolism is running in a caloric restricted mode. I don't feel any different, though, or have any less energy. 
Longevinex' resveratrol should arrive soon
    Within a week or two, Longevinex' resveratrol should arrive in the mail, and we'll see if that changes anything. 
Maintenance-weight target
     In a few more months, I'll be down to maintenance weight. What that will be will be influenced by what happens to my blood pressure. (It's not terribly high, but I want it lower.)
Acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid
    Tommie and I are continuing to take alpha lipoic acid, acetyl-l-carnitine, and biotin supplements. We haven't danced the macarena yet (I've forgotten how). But whatever it's doing, it's doing quietly. There's been no sea change. On the other hand, my memory (e. g., for people's names) is good.
No more aches and pains
    In short, I haven't grown a tail or turned green yet, but on the other hand, I'm not completely up to speed. The one clear-cut difference is a total lack of minor aches and pains since we upped our dosage of fish oil from 0.9 gms. a day to 2.25 mg. a day. I haven't taken an aspirin or an ibuprofen in weeks, other than a baby aspirin (on principle rather than out of need).


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