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Boosting IQ

        Tonight's Science News features an article, Creatine 'boosts brain power'  - BBC, reporting on a study of 45 young volunteers, some of whom were given 4 grams a day of creatine for six weeks, and some of whom weren't. Creatine boosted the IQ's and the memory-span-for digits among the volunteers who were taking creatine, and raised their memory span for digits from 7 to 8.5 (a sizable increase).
    This will probably trigger other tests of other performance enhancers to see if they also have the power to boost IQ.
    This comes upon hard upon the heels of earlier articles two weeks ago that reported that anti-depressants such as Prozac apparently generate new neurons in the hippocampus Rostam Seddiq has sent this authoritative press release from the National Institute of Mental Health, as well as another from Nature..
    Added to the other "Brain Boosters" that Dr. Ray Sahelian has discussed, along with agents for Alzheimers patients, and with a better understanding of the role of good circulation in the maintenance of mental ability, mechanisms may be gradually accumulating to support the willful elevation of IQ.
    Agents like creatine are relatively harmless, and are available over the counter  It will be interesting to see what else turns up over the next decade.
    Rostam has observed that creatine will make the smart smarter even as it sharpens up the not-as-smart, leaving the separation between them unaltered.

    On a divergent topic, I'd like to thank Steve Coy for sending the web address of a good Earth-to-Orbit Transportation bibliography.