The Wedding


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    Tommie Jean and I attended a wedding this evening. Sitting in the church, it occurred to me that wedding ceremonies have changed hardly at all in living memory. Mendelsohn's wedding march or the wedding march from "Lohengrin" is standard stock at weddings, as are all the other rituals and routines. I doubt that they'll be noticeably different in 2050. Technology affects how we do things, but what we do is determined by what we want and by what's been comfortable in the past..
    Gregory Benford has presented a picture of robots evolving through survival of the fittest and natural selection. But it seems to me that robots aren't constrained to isolation the way animals are. Robots can mentally coalesce into one Furthermore, survival-of-the-fittest isn't built into robots the way it is in animals. I suspect that if we were to somehow program dog-eat-dog competition and insularity into robots and turn them loose to evolve, their logical first step would be to de-program themselves so that they could take advantage of their innate ability to "mind-meld".