Your Canary Chirps Again

If you take more than 100 mgs. of alpha lipoic acid a day, be sure to take supplemental biotin with it! 
    How much? Dr. Perricone says 300 mcg. for doses of alpha lipoic acid over 100 mgs. a day. The Life Extension Foundation packages 3,000 mcg. (3 mg.) with 250 mg. of their alpha lipoic acid. Right now, I'm humoring the Life Extension Foundation by taking six 800-mcg. biotin supplement pills with the 400 mg. of alpha lipoic acid I'm getting every day. I've taken 400 mg. of alpha lipoic acid for several weeks now without any biotin, and that may have had something to do with the tranquillized way I was feeling, but now, I'm on the ball again.
     In a day or two, I'll probably taper down to Dr. Perricone's 300 mcg. of biotin. After all, it's cheaper that way.

What's happening to yours truly
   The principal effect of these high-dose fish oils seems to be complete relief from aches and pains. It's equivalent to a stiff dose of ibuprofen or Aleve. It may also be significant that Tommie, who has started taking these fish oils, too, no longer needs any medication for her sore shoulder. Hopefully, this signals the kind of systemic elimination of inflammation that wards off cancer and cardiovascular disease.
    I also seem to be sleeping better.
    This is almost like science fiction.

Since I'm trying several approaches at once, it's hard to tease out the effects of any one of them:

I'm on a caloric-restricted optimal nutrition diet.
    Right now, I'm slowly losing weight. I'm targeting the weight level I had when I was in my twenties. Based on that scale, I'm still about 15 pounds overweight  But why carry around an extra 15 pounds of fat? I'll be lighter on my feet if I'm not carrying around that spare tire. Even at my target weight, I'll still have pounds of fat for emergencies. I'll simply be slimmed down... slim, but not skinny. (I don't get hungry, although I enjoy eating.)
I'm taking resveratrol every other night
    If resveratrol is triggering the caloric-restricted state, then theoretically, I wouldn't have to slim down. However, I would still have to follow  a caloric-restricted diet in order to avoid gaining weight. And given that, I might as well decide what weight I want to establish.
    In any case, I clearly weigh too much right now. I can re-evaluate the situation after my waistline shrinks another inch or two.
I'm taking the recommended dose of alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine
    I've been taking that for about a month now. I just started adding in biotin supplements, so we'll see how things work out.
I'm taking 2.4 grams of EPA + DHA a day, with a total omega-3 intake of about 3 grams a day.
    I've mentioned above the possible anti-inflammatory properties above, along with the ability to sleep eight hours.
I'm controlling blood sugar levels levels 
by avoiding sugar almost entirely, and by eating mostly oatmeal salmon, vegetables, and fruits. I'm flavoring my vegetables with tomato sauce, with a little turmeric mixed in (for lycopene and curcumin). I drink one cup of unsweetened chocolate (sweetened with Splenda) with a dash of coffee mixed in. I also drink two cups of green tea a day. I gnaw on an almond to keep from getting hungry in between meals.

    So with all this going on, it's hard to sort out individual effects.
    On the other hand, the individual effects aren't that noticeable. I'm not over-energized. I'm not finding Suicide Hill any easier to negotiate, although I'm no longer breathing anywhere nearly as rapidly as a I was a few weeks ago... in fact, I'm not breathing hard at all.
    I feel fine. So far, there are no contraindications. "Everything's fine so far", he said, as he fell past the fortieth floor.


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