"Sugar Diabetes"

    A groundswell of support is growing for the concept that aging is largely a product of the processing of calorie-producers in the mitochondria. That makes energy metabolism a central theme in the aging process. Also, more than one of the life extension mechanisms in the roundworm (C. Elegans) and in other animal models depend upon the suppression of insulin growth factor-1  (IGF-1). Insulin plays a key role in aging.
    I had always thought that, since diabetes doesn't run in our family, since my fasting blood sugar levels have always been normal, and since I can go all day and climb Suicide Hill without getting hypoglycemic symptoms, I didn't need to concern myself about blood sugar regulation. However, I also knew that the results of a glucose tolerance test can show different results than a  simple fasting blood sugar measurement. I also know that everyone tends to become more or less diabetic as they grow older, and that diabetes plays havoc with the body. But today, I read that symptomless blood sugar fluctuations can be almost as devastating as frank diabetes. Blood sugar control is something for everyone to attempt. The various diabetes web sites offer information regarding the timings and types of diets that help to control blood sugar fluctuations. 
    Two common foodstuffs that help regulate blood sugar are cinnamon and buckwheat. I've taken to adding a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon to each cup of green tea that I drink. I'm sure I can work buckwheat in with the oats I eat each day.
    Here's a discussion of the low-calories sweetener, stevia. and here's a treatment of the Splenda sweetener that I've been using. 


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