All Michael Jackson All of the Time 

    Our local newspaper had an editorial in it tonight that warmed the cockles of my heart. It was about the talking heads on TV who ramble on, hour-after-hour, day-after-day, week-after-week about Jessica Lynch, Scott and Lacy Peterson, and now, Michael Jackson. This perversion of TV News has no news to report... nothing new to say... , but manages to keep a menagerie of chubby couch potatoes glued to their TV sets listening to the same-old same-old, hour-after-hour, day-after-day, week-after-week, while their minds and bodies slowly waste away. Meanwhile, in the small letters at the bottom of their TV screens was the news that, among other things, China is threatening again to invade Taiwan:  China: Taiwan independence means war. Rockets were fired from donkey carts in Baghdad today at the Sheraton Ishtar hotel. (That may have appeared in the five o'clock news.) But the really important news, such as what was learned today about cancer or heart disease, about new methods of manufacturing nanotube materials, about the discovery of a new type of particle that fails to fit the Standard Model, about the fact that India, with help from Russia, plans to land an astronaut on the Moon by 2015, or about  the fact that the number of people in South America who are living on less than $2 a day is rising... this didn't make it into the news today. 
    It never does.
    Are people addicted to this kind of mindless TV?
    Do you suppose that the alien-conspiracy buffs are right?... the aliens from Hanger 51 actually have taken over, and are diverting the U. S. populace from critical thought? (Just kidding. Just kidding.)
    Phrases like "bread and circuses", and the proles come to mind.
    Anyway, it was a good article.


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