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1The Long-Term Roles of Robots (Continued)

    In January, 2000, I published an article describing Hans Moravec's three-year program to develop a visually navigated robotic platform, due for completion by the end of 2002. On September 25, 2002, I updated this forecast, observing that February, 2002, report had said, "We, of course, continue to follow unexpected avenues the research presents, including many not mentioned." Having experienced research scenarios, and knowing the enormous amount of detailed that they require, I had the impression that Dr. Moravec and his assiduous associates might be a little late in meeting their promised delivery date because of improvements and complications that typically arise in pursuing new ideas. But I was wrong. Dr. Moravec and company have just announced a deliverable visual navigation module  on schedule.
    Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Moravec and his doughty partners!

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