"Absolutely Nothing Happened Today"


    Today was one of those rarely quiet days when nothing of significance happened, and there was little important news. (The Dow closed up 33 points, the S&P 5400 gained 3 points, and the NASDAQ shed 10 points.) The news media can't tell you that there wasn't much news today. Any company commentator who explained that MSNBC or CNN had nothing to report that night because the world had been exceptionally quiet that day would find his professional possessions in a cardboard box on the doorstep, and a new name on his office door. But shucks, folks, I'm retired. (Grin.)
    The stock market had a very quiet day, and you have to scratch to find anything of any importance that happened today. But there are a few good articles below.

"Greenspan Is Highly Overrated"
Is Your Capital Lining the Right Pockets?
The Incredible Shrinking Earnings Estimate
Market Moves From Fear to an Uneasy Lull
Dow Closes Up 33, Nasdaq Loses 10

    I'm going to try to add something more here tomorrow morning.