Oh, No! Don't Tell Me I Have to Eat Humble Pie for Supper Again Tonight!

    Yes, sir! 'I'm afraid that's the size of it. If I just had the good sense to avoid reading the news after I've reached an opinion, I wouldn't be contaminating myself with other truths. Sigh... 
    Late last night, I found several good articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post that discuss the possible war with Iraq:  The Liberal Quandary Over Iraq, A Crude View of the Crisis in Iraq, and Report From Iraq- "Fear in the Streets". Hot on the heels of these articles came Carter 'completely in agreement' with Bush UN approach to Iraq, and Carter says US policy towards Iraq not dictated by oil interests.
    I believe Jimmy Carter. I trust his good intent, his judgment, his experience, and his intelligence. Between the above articles and his comments, I've decided that I'm wrong. Again. There are many things about the current administration that concern me, but my real concern, which is that of estranging our friends and our allies, apparently isn't the danger that I thought it was. I'm withdrawing my diatribes, since I'm afraid they're unfair.

12/9/2002 - Coda:
    Well, shiver my timbers! Today, addressing the Nobel Prize Awards audience, Jimmy Carter, although not naming names, again assailed the Bush administration's plans for war on Iraq. How can that be, after endorsing Bush' current policies the night before? I suspect it's because Mr. Carter's address had been written and rehearsed, and couldn't be rewritten the night before the Nobel Price ceremonies. Also Mr. Carter's remarks were about war in  general, and didn't mention Mr. Bush or the situation in Iraq..