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Adolph Hitler -  A Genocidal Mass Murderer of the Twentieth Century
   Adolph Hitler who would later be judged by history as one of the genocidal mass murderers of the twentieth century, was born in the forest towns of Lower Austria in 1889. One brief biosketch of Hitler may be found here.
    One of the striking things about Hitler is the yawning chasm between the way in which he was adored by the German public, and the harsh and rabid leader himself, as known to the people who reported directly to him (Hitler - As he believes himself to be). When Hitler would address a crowd, he would wait until late in the evening when the crowd was sleepy and vulnerable. Then he would send someone else out to warm up the crowd. Finally, he would appear from behind a curtain, and walk between a row of SS troops standing at attention, while a band played stirring music.
    Hitler himself may have bought into a part of the legends that surrounded him, supposing himself to be a kind of Messiah brought by Divine Providence to the German people (although unabashedly at the opposite end of the spectrum from Jesus).
    (Note the way the two attending officers in this picture are looking down their noses at the passing troops.)
    Adolph Hitler had a violent father who terrified him, and when drinking, probably, beat him. This was offset by a permissive, over-indulgent mother.
    Adolph Hitler's father and Anna Schicklgruber illegitimate son, Alois Hitler, was a customs official from the backwoods of lower Austria who rose as high as someone with his education could rise. Alois changed his name from his mother's patronym of Schicklgruber to Hitler before Adolph was born, perhaps to hide the father's  illegitimate birth. There is some reason to think that Alois had a Jewish father. 
    Alois Hitler was 47 when he married his niece, Klara Poelzl. She was his third wife and Adolph Hitler's mother, his first two wives having died young. (The author of this description suggests that Alois may have been carrying on affairs with all three of his wives at once, marrying first one and then another.) Alois and Klara were of peasant stock, from an area (Lower Austria) in which illegitimacy and interbreeding was common. Alois drank at the village pub, and was presumed to have been violent toward his son, Adolph. (Alois sometimes had to be carried home.) Alois once feared that he had killed Adolph. (This may have been the source of Hitler's notorious rages and dogmatism.) 
    Thus, Hitler, the paraclete of racial purity, was himself a polyglot.
    Hitler later expunged his villages-of-origin by turning the area into an Army training camp, presumably to hide his grubby past from public awareness.
    Adolph's mother, Klara, was unable to discipline her son, and spoiled him profoundly. (It has been suggested  that he may have used temper tantrums to control his mother.) Adolph's sister, Paula, has been described as mentally defective, although the author suggests that that may have been too harsh an assessment. Apparently, there was also a half-sister, Angela, and, perhaps, two other children in the Hitler household.
    An Office of Strategic Services (OSS) analysis of Adolph Hitler published (in secret) during World War II gives a picture of Adolph Hitler's father, and of the effect it had upon him:
     The young Adolph did well in primary school, but performed poorly in high school, dropping out at 16. He left school "semi-literate". He stayed at home until he was 19, when his mother died of cancer, and then was forced to attempt to support himself.
    He moved to Vienna, with the goal of becoming a painter. As the author of "The psychology and development of Adolph Hitler Schicklgruber - ..." puts it,
    "On dropping out, Adolph set out to make his mark in Vienna. Hitler was a gauche young fellow from the sticks, abroad in the great melting pot of Vienna. He was full of dreams but greatly lacking in education, experience or any useful skills, serious money or contacts. His life gradually headed downhill to destitution. Hitlerís descent was eventually halted by entering the German army as a volunteer in 1914[9]."
    One of his great disappointments in Vienna was his rejection by the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts. Another biographical sketch (Adolf Hitler) of the young Hitler presents a concise history of his career.
Hitler as an adult
The author of The psychology and development of Adolph Hitler Schicklgruber - ... concludes that Hitler never really grew up, and gives this description of the structure of the Nazi government:
    "It is wrong to think of the NSDAP state as a mere centralized expression of Hitlerís will. It was in reality a series of fiefs, battling for power and influence, in accord with Hitlerís concepts of survival of the fittest. Germany was anarchic, with King Hitler presiding as a sort of capricious red queen (Alice through the looking glass). The state was a toy for a spoilt child."
Hitler on anti-Semitism
    The author thinks that Hitler's anti-Semitism was in part or in whole a matter of political expediency, although Hitler's attachment to the family of the profoundly anti-SemiticRichard Wagner and Wagner's "ideals" suggest that Hitler's anti-Semitism may have been shaped by adolescent and early-adult gurus. 
    ďNature is cruel; therefore we are also entitled to be cruel. When I send the flower of German youth into the steel hail of the next war without feeling the slightest regret over the precious German blood that is being spilled, should I not also have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race that multiplies like vermin?Ē
    Hitler on cruelty,
    The strongest evidence that Hitler's anti-Semitism was instructed by political expediency may be found in the paragraphs addressed by the link below.   

" first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews."
Nazi sympathizers today
    It's hard to believe, but there are still those who think that Hitler was as he presented himself to the German public... a gentle, kind, loving man who doted on children and pets.
I get the impression that the Hitler Historical Museum might fall into this category. The material below discusses this thesis.
Did Hitler know about the holocaust? A psychological assessment
    Other good descriptions of him may be found below.
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    These descriptions become important to us when we contemplate current leaders such as Saddam Hussein (who also is alleged to have emerged from a crude, violent background, and who allegedly served as a "hit man" for the Ba ath Party in Saddam's early days).