Thoughts Following 9/11


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12/13/2001:We interrupt this program to bring you an important news bulletin.
    The American Taliban, John Walker Lindt, has advised his interrogators that Sunday, the end of Ramadan, is a target date for the second phase of the Al Qaeda attack on the United States: to wit, a biological attack. How would Al Qaeda launch a bioweapons attack upon the U. S.? Several infectious diseases are candidates, including smallpox, tularemia, severe hemorrhagic fever, botulism, ricin, and camelpox (Full Coverage- Anthrax, Bioweapons, Terrorism, October 20, 2001).
    Four weeks ago, on November 15th, the Mullah Omar predicted the destruction of the United States.(Konduz battle continues as Omar issues threat). "The plan is going ahead and God willing it is being implemented, but it is a huge task beyond the will and comprehension of human beings. If God's help is with us this will happen within a short period of time." John Walker says that the fulfillment of this prophecy of total destruction is to be the third and final phase of Al Qaeda's Attack. How could Al Qaeda destrioy the U. S.? Beats me!
    Sunday will be the 16th of December. Smallpox has an incubation period of 12 days, so the first warning of a smallpox attack could come on or around December 28th. Problems would arise because of the silent spread of the disease prior to December 28th. There is a lot of socializing during the holidays, so there would be unusual potential at this time of year for a rapid spread of this or any other contagious disease. What to do? It might be desirable to minimize contacts and public outings to no more than is necessary until New Year's Eve. By that time, we'll probably know whether or not a bioweapons attack is in progress in the United States. I would also advise having food and bottled water on hand in the event of quarantine, and having the car gassed up and an emergency kit stored in the garage in case an emergency evacuation were necessary.
    U. S. officials are taking this news with more than a little salt, because 20-year-old John Walker wouldn't have been high on the list of the cognoscenti among the Al Qaeda sachems. However, there are independent suggestions of a terrorist assault at the end of Ramadan. (Such an assault probably wouldn't occur during Ramadan.) It probably wouldn't hurt to make sure that individually, we've taken the precautions that have been suggested to help protect us from chemical, radiological, and biological warfare attacks