Intermediate Word:  ricin (a) casein-like protein extracted from rice  (b) deadly poison in the castor bean  (c) small sporran carried by the Bengal Lancers  (d)  
Difficult Word:
  misoneism -  (a) improperly named  (b) taste for miso and for other things Japanese  (c) doctrine that man is basically evil  (d) hates change

Red meat Red meat cancer risk clue found  - BBC  Last year the Dunn team published a study suggesting the chance of developing the disease was a third higher for people who regularly ate more than two portions per day of cooked red meat compared with those who ate less than one portion per week. Work by the Open University team suggests the reason could be the presence of substances called N-nitrosocompounds, which form in the large bowel after eating red meat. Their work suggests that these compounds combine with DNA, and alter it so that it is more likely to undergo harmful changes or mutations that increase the likelihood of cancer    
Most Milky Way Stars Are Single Red Dwarfs: Study - SpaceDaily  New research shows that perhaps 60 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are single dim red dwarfs, not the bright, more visible stars seen in photos of the heavens, many of which travel with binary or multiple partners. In all, he explained, about 80 percent out of the estimated 100 billion stars in the Milky Way are red dwarfs, ranging in size from about one-half the mass of the Sun to as small as one-tenth the mass of our star. "If you have 80 billion of what we call primaries, then about 20 billion red dwarfs are in these binary systems, but another 60 billion are single.    

Indian Space Research Organization Achieves Breakthrough In Supersonic Combustion Technology - SpaceDaily  Through a series of ground tests, a stable supersonic combustion has been demonstrated for nearly 7 seconds with an inlet Mach number of 6 (i.e., six times the speed of sound). Other than USA, which has recently carried out in-flight demonstration of supersonic combustion for a short duration, work related to supersonic combustor designs in other countries like Japan, China, Russia, Australia, and Europe are either in their initial or ground testing phase. In the coming years, ISRO is planning to flight test an integrated Scramjet propulsion system comprising of air-intake, combustor and nozzle.

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