Intermediate Word:  Bertillon system -  (a) fingerprint identification system  (b) body-measurements classification system  (c) marker buoy harbor guidance system   (d) parimutual betting system
Difficult Word: - Holarctic  (a) region of the atmosphere above the Arctic circle  (b) Nearctic and Palearctic regions  (c) latitudes just south of the arctic circle  (d) ice-covered areas of the Arctic Ocean

Solar super-sail could reach Mars in a month Solar super-sail could reach Mars in a month - New Scientist  Gregory Benford of the University of California, Irvine, and his brother James, who runs aerospace research firm Microwave Sciences in Lafayette, California, envisage beaming microwave energy up from Earth to boil off volatile molecules from a specially formulated paint applied to the sail. The recoil of the molecules as they streamed off the sail would give it a significant kick that would help the craft on its way.     
Reading lessons for computers - Seattle Times  The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, granted a contract worth at least $400,000 last fall to two Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) professors who are trying to build a machine that can learn by reading. AI is ingrained in our lives, from programs used by banks in evaluating potential borrowers' credit ratings to software that suggests corrected spellings for unrecognized words to programs that mine databases seeking nonobvious relationships. What has proved more elusive, however, is software that can make heads or tails of the verbal thicket contained in sentences like this one.   

Commentary: Bush As King Canute - SpaceDaily  On July 16, 2002, we predicted, "The dollar has fallen well over 10 percent of its value against the euro and the yen since the start of the year. Four months ago, in mid-March, the euro was still worth a measly 86 cents. Now it is worth a dollar. We predict here in UPI Analysis that it will soon be worth very significantly more than that." Indeed it is, two and a half years later, the euro now routinely tracks at $1.30, if not more." On Monday, Chris Giles, economics editor of the respected Financial Times newspaper in London warned, "If new official flows (from Asian central banks) to the U.S. were to be curtailed the dollar would plunge." 

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