Intermediate Word:  durance -  (a) imprisonment  (b) period one must endure something  (c) lifetime (of object)   (d) depth
Difficult Word: - equivocate  (a) to adjudicate   (b) to divide equally  (c) to deliberate  (d) to beat-around-the-bush

Arming US Airliners Against Possible Missile Attacks Too Pricey For Now - SpaceDaily  Left:  A thermal imaging photograph provided by military experts shows that a MANPADS missile would guide on the three Air Packs located directly below the Center Fuel Tank. The Stinger Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) is representative of many such systems available to terrorists groups.  A top US research group said Tuesday that arming thousands of US commercial airliners against possible ground-to-air missile strikes is currently too pricey as the price of such defensive technology is too high. "Over 20 years, the cost to develop, procure and operate these systems would amount to an estimated 40 billion," it said. United Airlines and US Airways are vying to emerge from bankruptcy.  
Canada, Russia Eye 'Bridge' Over Melting Ice Cap - SpaceDaily  Left:  The so-called arctic bridge has won support from the Canadian government and local administrations, as well as the new Russian ambassador to Canada Georgiy Mamedov.  Russian crude oil destined for the gas guzzling United States could soon be shipped through a passage between Churchill, 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) north of the US-Canada border and Murmansk in Russia's far north on the Barents Sea. By mid-century, scientists predict waterways could remain ice-free year round, cutting more than 2,000 kilometres (1,240 miles) off trips to northern Europe or Russia. A delegation is currently in Russia to discuss plans for the new trade route, led by Denver   

China Could Feed 2 Billion People With Better Irrigation - SpaceDaily  China's farmers can feed their nation's growing population by using expanded irrigation to support intense farming techniques, U.S. researchers said. Using the land currently being cultivated, China can feed between 1.1 and 1.7 billion people using available farming techniques and drawing on groundwater. f the same amount of land is irrigated, however, China can feed between 1.3 and 2.0 billion people - probably enough for China's expected 2030 population of 1.6 billion. "It might be more cost effective for them to invest in new semiconductor plants and use the income to buy food from Canada." 

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