Intermediate Word:  anserine -  (a) foolish  (b) goose-like  (c) foolish   (d) tapering to a point
Difficult Word: - ansible  (a) massive yoke for large telescope   (b) crystal-controlled-oscillator RF frequency-standard  (c) mythical faster-than-light communicator  (d) microwave resonator

India, China Warm Up To Each Other - SpaceDaily  Left: Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Wu Dawei (L) shakes hands with India's Foreign Minister Natwar Singh before a meeting at the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, 24 January 2004. India and China opened a first round of 'strategic dialogue', officials said, as their regional and international inlfuence surges despite a nagging border dispute. AFP photo by Raveendran.  India and China have concluded their first-ever "strategic dialogue" to bolster bilateral ties, but both sides are silent on the outcome of the talks between the two Asian giants. "Both these countries are modernizing fast," Dutta told VOA. "It is necessary to stabilize that relationship. They are very large countries; they affect everyone else."
Analysis: U.S.-U.K. Differences Deepen - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Mohammad Khatami, President of Iran. Straw is in Washington this week to attempt to narrow the differences between Europe and the Bush administration over how to stop Iran's nuclear program. With an election looming in the early summer, Blair is trying to reassure the rebellious left wing of the party that Britain will not be dragged into any more armed interventions by the Bush administration. His hopes of reaping some political benefit from Britain's support of the United States in Iraq are mainly pinned on being able to persuade the Bush administration to get serious about rekindling the Middle East process. Significant progress with the Middle East "road map" would help repair the rift with the British Labor left.

Climate: Ford Faces The Future - SpaceDaily  The operation of passenger cars and pickups in the United States contributes about 12 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions and about 19 percent of U.S. CO2 emissions, said Tim Wallington, a scientist with Ford's Research and Advanced Engineering department in Dearborn, Mich. Options are: build smaller conventional vehicles; use diesel instead of gasoline (pending implementation of improved diesel technology); convert to gas-electric hybrids; use biofuels and, in the distant future, move to hydrogen and hydrogen fuel-cell technology. There has been a lot of press on fuel cells but there are a lot of technical hurdles that have to be overcome.

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