Intermediate Word:  diatribe (a) hostile tribe  (b) countering influence  (c) fish trap behind a dam  (d) abusive denunciation
Difficult Word:
  painted lady -  (a) woman of the night  (b) butterfly  (c) prairie flower  (d) alcoholic beverage

Belief special: How evolution found God - New Scientist  RELIGIOUS belief is a conundrum. In our everyday lives, most of us make at least some effort to check the truth of claims for ourselves. Yet when it comes to religion, studies show that we are most persuaded by stories that contradict the known laws of physics. At the same time, however, we expect our gods to have normal human feelings and emotions. Why are we humans so willing to commit to religious beliefs we can never hope to verify?       
Dogs as good as screening for cancer detection - New Scientist  Dogs do as well as state-of-the-art screening tests at sniffing out people with lung or breast cancer. The research raises the possibility that trained dogs could detect cancers even earlier and might some day supplement or even replace mammograms and CT scans in the laboratory. The idea is not outrageous. Cancer patients have been shown to have traces of chemicals – like alkanes and benzene derivatives – in their breath, and other studies have shown dogs can detect chemicals in concentrations as small as a few parts per trillion.   

2005 warmest year on record - MSNBC  A surprising Arctic warm spell is responsible for a 2005 that was likely the warmest year since instrument recordings began in the late 1800s, a leading researcher said Tuesday in describing a new federal analysis. James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said the analysis had to estimate temperatures in the Arctic from nearby weather stations because no direct data were available. He said, “we couldn’t say with 100 percent certainty that it’s the warmest year, but I’m reasonably confident that it was.”  

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