Intermediate Word:  obeisance  (a) arrogance  (b) speech defect  (c) tendency to tease  (d) expression of deference
Difficult Word: - liripipe -  a) flute-like shepherd's pipe  (b) cord hanging from a hood  (c) decorative military braid  (d) Scottish songbird

Foot Prints Age of Our Ancestors - ABC  A new book, The Journey of Man, demonstrates how recent advances in genetics, particularly those involving the Y-chromosome, allow us to follow the arc of human migration out of Africa, our ancestral home. Although Neanderthals and other hominids related to Homo sapiens date back hundreds of thousands of years, geneticist Spencer Wells shows that our origins are much more recent. Wells argues convincingly that all men on earth (the Y-chromosome is passed only from father to son) can trace their roots to a particular male who lived in Africa, almost 60,000 years ago. Likewise, all humans on earth can trace their lineage through our maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA back to a particular woman, who lived in Africa roughly 150,000 years ago. 
Hubble Telescope Not Yet Lost - ABC  Left:  Resembling a flaming creature on the run, this Hubble telescope image exposes the hidden interior of a dark and dusty cloud in the emission nebula IC 1396.
(NASA via Getty Images) 
  A torrent of protest from the public and scientific community has led NASA's chief Sean O'Keefe to review his decision to effectively cut Hubble's lifespan by five to six years by canceling an upcoming service mission. The outcry is testament to the telescope's years of discovery, and perhaps, more importantly, to the stream of tantalizing space images it has produced for a rapt public. See a slideshow of Hubble images: here.

Vitamin supplements

Court victory for vitamin firms  - BBC  Left:  An estimated 10M Britons take vitamin supplements.  Groups opposed to new EU rules on vitamins and food supplements have won their fight to take the matter to the European Court of Justice. The European Commission wants to tighten up the rules on food supplements from August 2005. However, opponents say it will lead to thousands of products being taken off shelves in the UK and elsewhere. Under the new rules, only vitamins and minerals on an approved list can be used in supplements. There will also be restrictions on the upper limits of vitamin doses.


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