Intermediate Word:  tamarack -  (a) pungent spice  (b) tam-o-shanter  (c) dish made with   (d) larch tree
Difficult Word: - sorrel  (a) a dish-faced horse that's narrow in the withers   (b) brownish-orange  (c) a low prairie bush  (d) plant used as a garnish

Titanic Rainmaker - SpaceDaily  Left:  Drainage and erosion on Titan  "We're already pretty sure that at least in this part of the moon the bright stuff is ice bedrock and at a somewhat higher elevation. And we're pretty sure that the dark stuff is lower and is the place where stuff collects after flowing down the drainage channels. And the channels themselves, at least some of them, say that it rains there. The jury's still out on whether there's currently liquid on the surface, or whether it's mostly organic residue from previous flow events. Marty Tomasko, the DISR PI, described imaging the dark areas on Titan's surface as being something like taking a picture of a blacktop driveway at dusk. The images we've gotten to date suggest the possibility of cracks, striations on the surface that might indicate tectonic activity on Titan. And that in turn would suggest an active interior. 
 Do You Want to Live Forever? - Technology Review  Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey is convinced that he has formulated the theoretical means by which human beings might live thousands of years—indefinitely, in fact. De Grey has mapped out his proposed course in such detail that he believes it may be possible for his objective to be achieved within as short a period as 25 years, in time for many readers of Technology Review to avail themselves of its formulations—and, not incidentally, in time for his 41-year-old self as well. Is it likely that the photograph of a long-lived mouse on the front page of every newspaper in the world would be greeted with the unalloyed enthusiasm of a unanimous public? I doubt it. More probably, acclaim would be balanced by horror. ...he has issued the ultimate challenge, I believe, to our entire concept of the meaning of humanness.

Iraq's Votes Define U.S. Future - Technology Review   Left:  The price of democracy. Last week, the U.S. trade deficit for December was announced, a record-breaking $60 billion, or $2 billion a day. That is an annual rate of over $700 billion. This year's U.S. federal budget deficit is going to come very close to $500 billion (once we include the inevitable supplemental budget for Iraq). That is an unprecedented double deficit of $1.2 trillion, more than 10 percent of GDP.   This week may see the decisive battle of America's future. Six days from now, Iraqis go to the polls to elect what may or may not be seen as a legitimate new government. The odds probably favor the insurgents. They appear to be well buried inside the Sunni community. They are ruthless. They know how to terrify, and they have been reminding their fellow Sunni that the Americas will leave someday but the insurgents will stay and never forget those Sunni "traitors".

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