Intermediate Word:  oblate  (a) flattened  (b) slow to understand  (c) greater than ninety degrees  (d) a religious offering
Difficult Word: - pawky -  a) ill-coordinated  (b) tall and gangly  (c) absent-minded  (d) shrewd

Fly My Stuff to the Moon: Private Mission Slated for Fall Launch - Space.com
  While President Bush's new out-of-this-world vision has generated worldwide debate over whether private industry should play a bigger role in space exploration, one company is poised to answer the question with an enthusiastic thud later this year. Thousands of people have paid to have messages, business cards, art or ashes of loved ones sent to the Moon on the Trailblazer robotic probe. 
One Type Of Carbon So Resilient It Skews Carbon Cycle Calculations - SpaceDaily  Left:  Researchers say that graphitic black carbon is created as sedimentary rocks undergo metamorphism unlike forms of combustion-derived black carbon such as soot, charcoal and other debris that's left when biomass such as forests or fossil fuels don't burn completely. (Illustration only)  Scientists interested in the Earth's carbon cycle something that must be understood to assess the ongoing effects of carbon dioxide created by human actions, such as driving cars have a new problem. They need to adjust various calculations because one component, graphitic black carbon, similar to the material found in pencil lead, turns out to be so tough.

pregnant woman

Mother's diet may harm baby  - BBC  Left:  Low-protein diets cut lifespans in mice.  Research using mice found that animals born to females fed on low-protein diets died months before their peers. That equates to years off the human lifespan - and the effect was even worse if the child itself "caught up" using a high fat and high sugar diet. Normally nourished controls lived for approximately 765 days - 715 if they were fed on "cafeteria" food after weaning. Those whose mothers were given a diet with less than half the required level of protein, but were suckled on nutritious milk and fed normally afterwards, lived for only 568 days.


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