Intermediate Word:  horology  (a) pediatrics  (b) study of Egyptian and mithraic mythology  (c) science of mensuration  (d) science of the measurement of time
Difficult Word: - guerdon  (a) reward  (b) narrow flag  (c) duenna  (d) jug

Mars Rovers Explore Hints of Salty Water - Space.com  NASA's Opportunity rover sent back new images from Mars showing that small spheres previously found on the surface also exist below, in a trench the rover dug. Hints of salty water were also found in the trench. In a press conference today, officials said the soil at both locations could contain small amounts of water mixed with salt in a brine that can exist in liquid form at very low temperatures. 
Hubble Reveals Dramatic New Phase of a Supernova Explosion - Space.com  The most dramatic stellar explosion witnessed in centuries just got more interesting. New images from the Hubble Space Telescope show a dying star's "ring of fire" entering a new phase of brightness. Astronomers first saw the star explode -- an event called a supernova -- in 1987. It shone as bright as 100 million suns for several months.

Flexible paper (Image: Philips)

Flexible future: We could soon all have screens you can roll up and pop in a pocket  - BBC  Last week electronics manufacturer Philips announced the start of mass production of the world's most flexible display. After years of research, they have reached the point where they are ready to start selling the screens and have set up a new company, Polymer Vision, to do deals with computer manufacturers, handset makers and the rest of the electronics industry  The display is not exactly a substitute for a widescreen TV, since it is only 12 cm across, with 80,000 grey-scale pixels and a one second refresh rate.

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