Intermediate Word:  dehisce -  (a) private trail  (b) tasty dish  (c) reporter's valise  (d) freeze-dried food
Difficult Word: - somnifacient  (a) a sedative  (b) a hypnotic  (c) a calming agent  (d) boring

First Critical Parts Of Giant Neutrino Telescope In Place - SpaceDaily  Left: Pictured in the UW-Madison Physical Sciences Laboratory before being vacuum-sealed, each IceCube digital optical module or DOM is very much like a small computer. A total of 4,200 DOMs, designed to sample high-energy neutrino particles from deep space, are being deployed in 70 deep holes in the Antarctic ice. Photo by Jeff Miller.  Working under harsh Antarctic conditions, an international team of scientists, engineers and technicians has set in place the first critical elements of a massive neutrino telescope at the South Pole. The successful deployment - in a 1.5 mile-deep hole drilled into the Antarctic ice - of a string of 60 optical detectors designed to sample phantom-like high-energy particles from deep space represents a key first step in the construction of the $272 million telescope known as IceCube. "IceCube could take over next year as the world's largest neutrino telescope."   
X-Rays Have Become Laser-Like - SpaceDaily   Radiologists and biologists have been dreaming - ever since the discovery of lasers - of a compact laboratory source emitting X-rays in one direction in a laser-like beam. Such a source would permit X-ray images to be recorded with far higher resolution at vastly reduced dose levels, allowing early-stage cancer diagnosis at dramatically reduced risk. Microscopes furnished with this source would make nanometer-sized biomolecules perceivable in their natural surrounding (in vivo). Researchers at Vienna University of Technology, the University of Würzburg, the University of Munich and Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics demonstrated the first source of laser-like X-rays at a wavelength of 1 nanometer with a compact laboratory apparatus. The research team are confident that technical improvements will boost the X-ray power by several orders of magnitude. 

Russia Confirms Plan To Arm Syria Over Israeli, US Objections - SpaceDaily   Russia confirmed Wednesday that it intended to sell a new air defense missile system to Syria despite Israeli and US opposition, but insisted the weaponry was only of short-range capability and would not upset the balance of military power in the Middle East. The Russian defense official also reiterated Moscow's previous denials of rumors that it planned to sell Syria its longer-range tactical "Iskander" missile, a highly-accurate warhead delivery vehicle capable of hitting a target virtually anywhere in Israel from Syrian territory. "Negotiations are now taking place on delivery to this country of the 'Strelets' close-range anti-air system," 

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