Intermediate Word:  bedight  (a) to knight  (b) to publicly recognize  (c) to misplace  (d) to adorn
Difficult Word: - malacia  (a) softened tissue  (b) sea-sickness  (c) ugly disposition  (d) unfavorable turn of events

NASA’s Nuclear Focus Aimed At 2009 Mars Lander - Space.com  NASA’s nuclear future promises more maneuverable, longer-lasting spacecraft and rovers with more onboard power than scientists know what to do with. In the near term, Newhouse said, NASA’s nuclear ambitions are focused on building a better battery for an unmanned lander launching to Mars in 2009 and a nuclear-electric propulsion system for a planned 2015 robotic tour of Jupiter’s icy moons. 
Brain began evolving early  - BBC  Left:  The brains of australopithecines were already evolving in the direction of ours.  Hominid brains were being reorganised before the growth in brain size thought to have established a gulf between human and ape abilities, it is claimed. In the ape brain, this feature is situated further forward than it is in human brains, making the PVC larger. The lunate sulcus of Stw 505 was positioned further back, as it is in humans. This suggests australopithecine brains were already evolving towards a more human condition. One eventual outcome of this process would be a dietary reliance on meat and the crafting of stone tools.

Galaxies, Subaru telescope

Distant galaxies line-up in space  - BBC  Astronomers are puzzled by an image of a distant cluster of galaxies in which they are lined up like a string that is stretched across the Universe. Astronomers think the cosmic alignment has something to do with the way the cluster of galaxies is being assembled. Astronomers are intrigued by the lining-up of the galaxies. The filamentary structure even extends outside of the image. To them it suggests they are witnessing the cluster in the process of formation by gathering galaxy groups along the chain-like structure and growing into a larger system.


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