Intermediate Word:  Cassandra (a) Greek princess who diverted chasing suitors with golden balls  (b) one who utters unheeded prophecies  (c) Roman goddess of light  (d) famous queen of Palmyra
Difficult Word:
  dittany -  (a) repeated musical refrain  (b) hymnal  (c) framing of a window or doorway  (d) plant producing burnable gas

Magnet Provides Promise For Electronics Advances - SpaceDaily  Shiny, black magnetic films, about the size of a penny and made by University of Alabama researchers, are central to a discovery of how to conduct resistance-free electricity in a manner previously thought impossible. The research provides promising new leads for future electronics development. Previously, scientists had only been able to pass a current between two superconductors that were sandwiching magnetic materials, while the superconductors were only three to four atoms apart. In the latest discovery, the current traveled through the "sandwich" with the superconductors 300 times farther apart.     
The Moon Program The NASA Administrator Is Really Planing For - SpaceDaily  In a previous column I criticised the return-to-the-moon plan presented by the ESAS study group as too grandiose and too expensive, and promised to show how it could be "simplified and de-porked enough to fit inside the budget wedge that is likely to be available". Since I wrote that, NASA Administrator Mike Griffin has already started that process without any advice from me. Just look at the list of changes that have been made already: no methane engines, shrinking command module, vanishing crew launch vehicle, and no ISS support vehicle.     

Toshiba 3D Flatbed Display - Space.com   Toshiba has developed a flatbed 3D display that stand out from the screen, without the use of special glasses. In seeking reproduction of natural 3-D images on the flatbed display, Toshiba developed proprietary software that utilizes 10 or more views of an object (the current prototype takes 12 or 16), either live-action images or CG images, and which processes and reproduces the images in 3-D, with a wide viewing angle. Toshiba also developed middleware and dedicated circuitry that supports fast playback of the images with only a graphics card. Read more at Toshiba develops flatbed 3D display and the press release. The panel itself has a resolution of 1920 x 1080  

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