Intermediate Word:  dehisce -  (a) to shake off  (b) to dehydrate  (c) to to deflate  (d) to split open along a line
Difficult Word: - ocellus  (a) free-swimming single-celled organism that can photosynthesize  (b) eye-like marking  (c) musical wind instrument like an ocarina  (d) vine with fragrant, trumpet-shaped yellow flowers 

Bright Lights, Eerie 'Heartbeat' at Saturn - Space.com  When a large storm of charged particles leapt from the Sun in January 2004, scientists jumped at the chance to observe what would happen when the tempest reached Saturn. The storm kicked up bright lights above the planet and created radio emissions that sound like an eerie, hissing heartbeat. The unexpected behaviors suggests Saturn's auroras are driven in some unknown manner by both the solar wind of charged particles and the Sun's influential magnetic field.     
Chandra Confirms Black Hole Limits - SpaceDaily  Left:  This is a deep X-ray Chandra image of the Lockman Hole, a patch of sky that avoids most of the X-ray absorbing gas of the Milky Way. By combining this image with the Chandra Deep Fields, astronomers have been able to construct the most complete black hole census to date of the Universe. Virtually each of these dots - with the red objects usually cooler than the blue objects - represents a supermassive black hole. (Credit: ASA/CXC/U. Wisconsin/A.Barger et al.)  The very largest black holes reach a certain point and then grow no more. That's according to the best survey to date of black holes made with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Scientists also discovered previously hidden black holes well below their weight limit.   

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Young Blood Makes Muscles Spry  - Wired News  1st & 3rd columns show young rats' and old rats' muscle cells before sharing blood; the 2nd and 4th columns show muscle cells five days after they have begun sharing blood. This experiment suggests that blood-borne constituents must be at least partially responsible for age-related  degeneration  

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