Intermediate Word:  fell  (a) tall  (b) witty  (c) cruel  (d) pudgy
Difficult Word: - rede  (a) a rune  (b) a scribe  (c) a palmipsest  (d) to give advice

Using Titan to Understand Earth and Mars - Space.com  Plans have just been finalized for the Cassini spacecraft's exploration of Saturn's moon Titan, a giant world with a composition that resembles early Earth. Scientists expect the distant moon to help them understand the general nature of wind, oceans and how things might once have been on our home planet as well as Mars. The investigation, which gets underway this summer, could also help theorists better model Earth's changing climate and the ultimate effects of global warming.  
3D Fabrication Technique Uses Light-Activated Molecules To Create Complex Microstructures - SpaceDaily  A three-dimensional microfabrication technique that uses a unique class of light-activated molecules to selectively initiate chemical reactions within polymers and other materials could provide an efficient way to produce complex structures with sub-micron features. Known as "two-photon 3D lithography," the technique could compete with existing processes for fabricating microfluidic devices, photonic bandgap structures, optical storage devices, photonic switches and couplers, sensors, actuators, micromachines -- and even scaffolds for growing living tissue.   

Open-Air Experiment Could Deflate Hopes Forests Will Alleviate Global Warming - SpaceDaily  A futuristic Duke University simulation of forest growth under the carbon dioxide-enriched atmosphere expected by 2050 does not reinforce the optimism of those who believe trees can absorb that extra CO2 by growing faster, said a spokesman for the experiment. During seven years of exposure to carbon dioxide concentrations 1.5 times higher than today's, test plots of loblolly pines have indeed boosted their annual growth rates by between 10 and 25 percent, found the researchers. But "the highest responses have been in the driest years, and the effect of CO2 has been much less in normal and wet years,"


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