Intermediate Word:  peripatetic  (a) periphrastic  (b) walking from place to place  (c) all-encompassing  (d) circumventing
Difficult Word: - malacology  (a) study of the root causes of evil  (b) taxonomical classification of primitive earthenware  (c) study of molluscs  (d) science of plant diseases

Wearable Air-Conditioners: Hot, New Microtechnology Keeps GI's Cool - SpaceDaily  Personal protective suits may protect soldiers from chemical and biological weapons, yet extreme heat inside that gear poses a different but equal threat. Without portable cooling technology to ward off heat exhaustion and heat stroke, suits meant to save lives can incapacitate soldiers in just minutes. Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are in the process of developing and demonstrating heat-actuated lightweight and compact cooling technology capable of sustaining manageable temperatures within the protective garb for several hours at a time. 
brain A brisk walk could keep your mind sharp into old age  - BBC  Left:  Exercise may induce brain changes.  Getting up from your desk and going for a brisk walk may keep your mind agile later in life, say US researchers. They have found clear evidence that an aerobic exericise programme - even a fairly gentle one - may boost performance in key areas of the brain. Stretching and toning exercise did not yield the same level of benefits. It is possible that improved blood flow to the brain may be partly responsible, or that exercise stimulates the release of chemicals that influence brain cell growth and activity.

New Reactor Puts Hydrogen From Renewable Fuels Within Reach - SpaceDaily  The first reactor capable of producing hydrogen from a renewable fuel source - ethanol - efficiently enough to hold economic potential has been invented by University of Minnesota engineers. When coupled with a hydrogen fuel cell, the unit - small enough to hold in your hand - could generate one kilowatt of power, almost enough to supply an average home, the researchers said. The technology is poised to remove the major stumbling block to the "hydrogen economy": no free hydrogen exists, except what is made at high cost from fossil fuels. 


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