Intermediate Word:  roble -  (a) Mexican brigand  (b) California oak  (c) saddle bag  (d) woman's reticule
Difficult Word: - roborant  (a) chafing  (b) self-important  (c) amusing (d) a tonic 

Is There Life on Mars? Looking for Rock Solid Evidence - Space.com  Once the rock was worked over, Spiritís Microscopic Imager went in for close-up looks at the results. And within the images, an odd feature could be seen, seemingly a pattern of something more biological than just rock. "The first impression I got -- based on the morphology alone -- was how similar it looked to a common terrestrial foliose lichen. On Mars, however, as we all have learned from past experience, looks can be deceiving"    
Devising Nano Vision For An Optical Microscope - SpaceDaily  Left:  Resembling a 3-D checkerboard, this mirage-like pattern was formed by light waves after bouncing off a specimen with a peak-and-valley arrangement of etched lines.  Image credit: NIST.   Contrary to conventional wisdom, technology's advance into the vanishingly small realm of molecules and atoms may not be out of sight for the venerable optical microscope, after all. In fact, research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) suggests that a hybrid version of the optical microscope might be able to image and measure features smaller than 10 nanometers - a tiny fraction of the wavelength of visible light. In a preliminary test of the embryonic technique, NIST scientists used violet light with a wavelength of 436 nanometers to image features as small as 40 nanometers, about five times smaller than possible with a conventional optical microscope.

New Measurement Undermines Theories For Hidden 'Particle-Force' - SpaceDaily  "People are trying desperately to understand why the weak force is weak. At the beginning of the universe, it and the force that is responsible for light, among other things, were essentially one and the same; but now, light can cross the cosmos, but the weak force can't even cross an atom. We've come up with a lot of theories as to why this is, but these new findings mean that a lot of those theories are going to have to be crossed off." "If these theories keep getting disproved, we're going to have to go on to an entirely new model of the universe's workings." 

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