Intermediate Word:  eclectic  (a) the best from diverse sources  (b) wispy  (c) thin  (d) broad at the base, tapering upward
Difficult Word: - lyonnaise  (a) being an object of adulation  (b) provincial  (c) cooked with onions  (d) a pottery style  made in Lyons

Hubble sees 'most distant object'  - BBC  The farthest object in the Universe yet detected has been seen by scientists using the Hubble and Keck telescopes. It is so distant its light must have set out when the Universe was just 750m years old to reach the Earth now. "The new object is a small and compact system of stars," said Professor Ellis. "It's about 2,000 light-years across; our own galaxy by comparison is about 60,000 light-years across.
Idaho Gem Mule clones open disease window   - BBC  Left:  Dr. Woods calls them his "thousand pound mice".  They are bright-eyed, bouncy and very friendly. The world's first mule clones are the product of a $1m scientific programme - and their creator Gordon Woods is very keen that you should check out "the boys". Gem is the first of the line. Not only did he become the first "photocopy" mule when he was born on 4 May 2003, he also became the first clone of any animal in the horse family, and the first clone of an animal which cannot normally reproduce. Now that they have succeeded in cloning these equines, Dr Woods says his team intends this year to clone normal horses. Dr Woods suggests it would probably cost about $200,000 to do - a money-spinner that could potentially fund the University of Idaho scientist's other passion which is to understand the causes of some human diseases. 

Honda's humanoid robot hits UK  - BBC  Roboticists I have spoken to in the past are truly impressed by Asimo's powers, and also by the Honda robotics team's immense but undisclosed budget. But if you stopped for a moment to think seriously about the challenges involved, the stage show, during which the robot sure-footedly strode up a flight of steps, waved its arms, rocked from side to side, and balanced on one foot, was a persuasive demonstration of the success of Honda's approach. That is real research. Asimo, back in Honda's Japanese lab, is a frontline research project.


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