Intermediate Word:  oblation  (a) genuflection  (b) a religious offering  (c) evaporating directly from a solid to a gas  (d) diversion of attention from one's self to someone else
Difficult Word: - anlace -  a) bodice  (b) woman's 19th-century lace-up shoe  (c) lace edging  (d) dagger

Reenactment actors Winds of change: Turbine plans stir second battle of Agincourt  - BBC  French authorities are to hold a public inquiry into plans to build wind turbines near the site of the historic Battle of Agincourt between the French and the English in 1415. Local residents have launched a petition against the plans. All around are beautifully untouched fields awaiting the four wind turbines, half the size of the Eiffel Tower, that have led to an entirely separate battle. Mayor of Agincourt Bernard Boulet says his region was chosen because it is particularly windy. He says farmers will receive tax benefits as part of a wider European initiative to produce cleaner energy.
Blue budgerigar   BBC Frying pan fumes 'kill canaries'  - BBC  Fumes given off by cancer-causing chemicals used to make non-stick frying pans are killing hundreds of pet birds every year, environmentalists say. The Worldwide Fund for Nature says it is hearing reports that many US caged birds are being killed by the fumes. It says the chemicals, perfluorinated compounds, are also contaminating both people and wildlife with grave effects. The chemicals industry says it doubts that birds exposed to ordinary levels of the compounds could die from them. In a report, Causes For Concern: Chemicals and Wildlife, WWF says the compounds, also used in some textiles and food packaging, are among "the most prominent new toxic hazards". Elizabeth Salter-Green, head of WWF's toxics programme, said: "Years ago, coal miners took canaries with them down the pits to detect lethal gases.

New form of matter created in lab  - BBC  Scientists have created a new form of matter saying it could provide a new way to generate electricity. It could be a step closer to an everyday, usable superconductor - a material that conducts electricity without losing any of its energy. "Right now something like 10% of all electricity we produce in the United States is lost. It heats up wires. It doesn't do anybody any good." Superconductors could allow for the development of magnetically levitated trains. Free of friction they could glide along at high speeds using a fraction of the energy trains now use.


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