Intermediate Word:  rune (a) question  (b) letter in ancient Germanic alphabet  (c) stone megalith  (d) acrostic rhyme
Difficult Word:
  accouchementn\ -  (a) childbirth  (b) assimilation  (c) douche  (d) accommodation

NASA Moon Plans Advance - Space.com  NASA is on course to pick a single industrial developer in August of the Crew Exploration Vehicle—a spacecraft slightly larger than that used in the Apollo program to haul astronauts to the Moon in the 1960s to the early 1970s, Horowitz said  Progress is being made too on designing a Crew Launch Vehicle, Horowitz reported, as well as a mega-cargo carrier that has the growth potential to toss over 300,000 pounds into low Earth orbit.    
Changing climate: How a new wind is blowing in some oil-addicted US states  - BBC  The image of the US as a gas-guzzling, energy consuming nation is at odds with a number of green initiatives in the country at large. McCamey, Texas, calls itself the "Wind Energy Capital of Texas", a title which the Mayor, Sherry Philips, has officially registered in the state capital. No other town can now claim it. Towering over the dusty scrub around McCamey are 800 wind turbines and soon there will be more. It has already been shown that dry bore-holes in exhausted oil workings will yield geo-thermal energy and there must be potential for solar installations too. 

Wind power's winds of change  - C/Net  A handful of start-ups are floating an idea that could change the face of the wind power industry. Rather than build farms of towering wind turbines in rural areas, some companies are designing "micro," or small-scale, turbines that fit on top of buildings. The idea is to generate electricity from wind in urban or suburban settings, complementing giant turbines..

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