Intermediate Word:  tawdry -  (a) vulgarly ornamental  (b) awkward  (c) discourteous  (d) orange-tan
Difficult Word: - viridity  (a) truthfulness  (b) modesty  (c) verdancy  (d) use of subterfuge

Ukraine Space Industry Growing - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo of a Dnepr Launch.  The Ukrainian space industry grew by 16 percent last year, the country's national space agency reported. Earnings from the industry's products reached more than $200 million in 2004, or 12 percent more than in 2003, according to Oleksandr Negoda, director general of the National Space Agency of Ukraine. Some 38 percent of the products were sold abroad, he said. Of the 54 space launches worldwide last year, NSAU carried out seven, sending 15 spacecraft into orbit, according to Negoda. Currently, the country is aiming at launching the Ukrainian Cyclone-4 rocket from Brazil's Alcantara launch center near the equator. In addition, NSAU carries out its launches at the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia and on Sea Launch, the ocean-going platform.   
Neanderthal (BBC) Past rebuilt How Neanderthals perished in Europe's changing climes  - BBC  Sawyer combined and rebuilt broken parts to create the most complete Neanderthal the world had ever seen. Our Neanderthal stood no more than 1.6m (5ft 4in) tall, and yet he had a robust and powerful build - perfect for his ice-age environment. The theory is that this body plan minimises the body's surface area to retain heat, and to keep vital organs embedded deep within the body to insulate them from the cold. Even so, the advantage doesn't mean that Neanderthal could have survived the icy extremes - this was a polar wasteland and his heavily muscled body plan needed a lot of feeding: about twice as much as we need today. His assessment of our skull was startling: 20% larger than the average size of a modern human's brain, and anatomically identical. Crucially, the anatomy of the vocal tract is close enough to that of modern humans to indicate that anatomically there was no reason why Neanderthal could not have produced the complex range of sounds needed for speech.  

New Russian Spacecraft On Show In France In June - SpaceDaily  A new Russian six-crew reusable space capsule that will eventually replace the venerable Soyuz spacecraft is to go on display at the French international aerospace show at Le Bourget in June, Russia's space agency said Wednesday. Known as the Kliper and weighing 14.5 tonnes, it is twice as big as the Soyuz, and was expected to be able to ferry cargoes of up to 700 kilograms (1550 pounds) to the International Space Sation (ISS), currently serviced by Soyuz craft. Kliper, developed by the Russian space company RKK Energiya, was expected to replace the three-crew, non-reusable Soyuz craft within a few years   

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