Intermediate Word:  lixiviate (a) to grind to a fine powder  (b) to beat around the bush  (c)   (d) to dissolve out solid matter
Difficult Word:
  acarus -  (a) Roman lyre  (b) companion who rode in victor's chariot and whispered "fame is fleeting" into conquering hero's ear  (c) mite  (d) herb with medicinal leaves

Wikipedia logo Entry code Congress staff caught sanitising politicians' bios on Wikipedia  - BBC  Online reference site Wikipedia blames US Congress staff for partisan changes to a number of political biographies. Computers traced to Capitol Hill removed unpalatable facts from articles on senators, while other entries were "vandalised", the site said. An inquiry was launched after staff for Democratic representative Marty Meehan admitted polishing his biography. The site lists half a dozen prominent biographies that had been changed by Senate computers, including those of Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, California Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa.   
MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative - Science Daily  "This configuration has the potential to maintain and even improve the high performance characteristics of ultracapacitors while providing energy storage densities comparable to batteries," Schindall said. "Nanotube-enhanced ultracapacitors would combine the long life and high power characteristics of a commercial ultracapacitor with the higher energy storage density normally available only from a chemical battery." physical constraints on electrode surface area and spacing have limited ultracapacitors to an energy storage capacity around 25 times less than a similarly sized lithium-ion battery.

Reality check: What is the state of stem cell science since the Hwang scandal?  - BBC  There are two types: the first, adult stem cells, are cued up to become particular cell types - say nerve, blood, bone or heart. These can carry out valuable repairs - but only in their specialist part of the body. The second group is embryonic stem cells. Found in the early human embryo, these are highly sought after because they can re-create themselves indefinitely. Also, since they are not yet switched to become specific cell types, they have the potential to repair damaged and diseased organs anywhere in the body. It would seem a safe bet that adult stem cells will deliver first.    

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