Intermediate Word:  emetic (a) Greek teacher  (b) fever-reducer  (c) vomiting agent  (d) fiduciary standard
Difficult Word:
  Bouvier des Flanders -  (a) medieval lowlands officer  (b) minor Flemish nobleman  (c) cattle dog  (d) famous boulevard in Brussels

Dendritic material in the Nakhla meteorite, LPSC paper Space rock re-opens Mars debate  - BBC A carbon-rich substance found filling tiny cracks within a Martian meteorite could boost the idea that life once existed on the Red Planet. The material resembles that found in fractures, or "veins", apparently etched by microbes in volcanic glass from the Earth's ocean floor. But the evidence so far is unlikely to convince the sceptics. Analysis of the interior revealed channels and pores filled with a complex mixture of carbon compounds. Some of this forms a dark, branching - or dendritic - material when seen under the microscope. "There's no way a solid piece of carbon got inside a meteorite."   
Natural Compound Prolongs Lifespan And Delays Onset Of Aging-related Traits In A Short-lived Vertebrate - Science Daily   By studying a particularly short-lived fish species, researchers have been able to show that a natural compound previously shown to extend lifespan in non-vertebrate organisms can also do so in at least one vertebrate species. The findings, reported by Alessandro Cellerino of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, and colleagues, support the potential utility of the compound in human aging research. Resveratrol is an organic compound previously shown to prolong lifespan in non-vertebrate model organisms such as yeast, the worm C. elegans, and the fruit fly Drosophila.    

Transistor Laser Functions As Non-linear Electronic Switch, Processor - Science Daily  Left: Scanning electron microscope image of a dual-input heterojunction bipolar transistor laser (HBTL) on a Cu heat sink acting as frequency mixer for up and down conversion. The image shows a cleaved, front to back, segment of the laser crystal with emitter (E), base (B), and collector (C) metallization as shown. The laser output is shown schematically as hV and the electrical output as Vout. Both output signals produce integer multiples (mixing) of the input signals at frequencies mf1 +nf2. (Credit: Milton Feng and Nick Holonyak)  The transistor laser invented by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has now been found to possess fundamental non-linear characteristics that are new to a transistor.     

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