Intermediate Word:  concatenate -  (a) cause trouble  (b) link together  (c) act as an intermediary   (d) converge to a point
Difficult Word: - falcate  (a) parallelogram with equal sides  (b) parallelogram with unequal sides  (c) rhombohedral-cut gem  (d) mucous-caused bronchial rattle

Forces of Creation: Black Holes Spark Star Formation- Space.com  New observations portray black holes as Jekyll and Hyde characters. They can be creators as well as destroyers. When black holes feed, they create powerful high-speed jets that race at nearly light-speed into surrounding space. Like a jolt of electricity breathing life into Frankenstein's monster, a black hole's jets can ignite star formation. The finding meshes nicely with a growing body of evidence suggesting black holes are integral players in galaxy formation.   
New Laser Research Could Improve Oil Exploration Success- SpaceDaily  CSIRO Petroleum and German-based research centre Laser Zentrum Hannover eV (LZH) are collaborating in a project that could save millions of dollars in oil exploration and introduce new Australian geochemical and petroleum analysis techniques to Europe. Researchers from the two organisations are six months into a three year project working to enhance the capabilities of the on-line laser micropyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (LaPy-GC/MS) technique for quality control and geochemical analysis.     

PlayStation 3 chip has split personality  - C/Net  Cell will have a 64-bit IBM Power processor and eight "synergistic processing units" capable of handling separate computing tasks. Cell can process 256 billion calculations per second (256 gigaflops). The chip will have 2.5MB of on-chip memory and have the ability to shuttle data to and from off-chip memory at speeds up to 100 gigabytes per second  The chip will have 234 million transistors, measure 221mm square and be produced using advanced 90-nanometer chipmaking processes. shifting to a 65-nanometer process later this year. The first version of the chip will run at speeds faster than 4GHz--4.6GHz is likely.

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