Intermediate Word:  immolate (a) to seal up in a wall  (b) to dedicate  (c) to kill as a sacrifice  (d) to erase the evidence
Difficult Word:
  rogatory -  (a) disruptive  (b) requiring information  (c) far-reaching  (d) pertaining to law

Olga Mena Theorists claim dark energy does not exist - PhysicsWeb  Most cosmologists believe that the universe is dominated by "dark energy" -- a mysterious form of energy that could explain why the universe is expanding and accelerating at the same time. Now, however, theoretical physicists have studied a new model of gravity that can, they claim, account for the acceleration of the universe without any need for dark energy. Their model relies instead on modifications to the way that gravity behaves at ultra-large cosmological distances (Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 041103).      
The Growing Habitable Zone: Locations for Life Abound - Space.com  Traditionally, this zone has been defined as a narrow disk around a star where temperatures are moderate enough that water on the surface of a planet can exist in a liquid form. The idea is that where liquid water exists, life might arise. Beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, new information began to emerge that challenged the traditional view. Scientists on Earth began finding rugged organisms thriving in harsh conditions that were off-limits to most other creatures.     

Rainbow trout hatchlings

Sperm cells from male fish turned into eggs - MSNBC  Left: Rainbow trout hatchlings, 8 months old, were produced from spermatogonia stem cells.  Scientists have tricked male fish cells that were destined to become sperm into switching sex and becoming eggs instead. The technique could one day be used to quickly produce animals with desired traits, speed up breeding programs and help repopulate dwindling populations of endangered species or creating sushi on demand, the researchers said. "Even if the species is extinct, we can restore them by transplanting them into closely related species," Goro said.

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