Intermediate Word:  mangonel -  (a) large roller-type ironing machine  (b) catapult  (c) type of large-animal trap   (d) mace of office
Difficult Word: - falcate  (a) sickle-shaped  (b) in dereliction of duties  (c) abrasive  (d) hawk-visaged

Best Way to Make Mars Habitable: Inject Greenhouse Gas - Space.com  Artificially created gases could be 10,000 times more effective than carbon dioxide in warming up the Red Planet, the study determined. The gases that would work the best are flourines and could be made from elements readily available on Mars. Adding 300 parts per million of the gas mixture into the Martian air would trigger a runaway greenhouse effect, according to the models.     
New Technology Could Make TV More Exciting - SpaceDaily  Left:  The new technology overlays virtual shelves and a virtual table on to a real kitchen. More images. Credit: Oxford University.  As the camera moves, the system picks out landmarks as reference points and makes a map of their 3D locations against which to measure its position. As well as TV and video applications, the technology under development could provide low-cost, high-performance navigation for domestic robots. It could also be incorporated into video games or wearable computing, e.g. for use in dangerous environments, where it could confirm the wearer's location and allow relevant guidance to be overlaid onto their view of surroundings.

Viagra Effectively Treats Enlarged Hearts, Mouse Study Shows - Science Daily    Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that sildenafil citrate (Viagra), a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in millions of men, effectively treats enlarged hearts in mice, stopping further muscle growth from occurring and reversing existing growth, including the cellular and functional damage it created. Sildenafil, Kass says, was the focus of his research because it blocks or stops an enzyme, called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5A), involved in the breakdown of a key molecule, cyclic GMP, which serves as a "natural brake" to stresses and overgrowth in the heart. The Johns Hopkins findings are the first to show that sildenafil is an effective treatment for a chronic heart condition.

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