Intermediate Word:  junta (a) extravagant trip  (b) Mexican saloon  (c) low-cut lacy blouse  (d) small, secret group
Difficult Word:
  repand -  (a) wavy margin  (b) remittance  (c) to bend unnaturally  (d) to replace

Map Fuels Debate: Did Chinese Sail to New World First? - Live Science  The Chinese voyage to America theory was popularized by British amateur historian Gavin Menzies in his 2002 book entitled "1421: the Year China Discovered America." After reading "1421," Liu Gang, a Chinese lawyer, realized the potential significance of a map he'd purchased. Dated 1418 and clearly depicting the outlines of both North and South America, the map could be used to support Menzies' theory if it proves legitimate.      
Deep Impact Team Reports First Evidence Of Comet Ice -   SpaceDaily  Left:  First evidence of water ice on a comet - The three small areas of water ice on the surface of Tempel 1 appear in this image, taken by an instrument aboard NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft. Photo: NASA. "We have known for a long time that water ice exists in comets, but this is the first evidence of water ice on comets," said Jessica Sunshine, Deep Impact co-investigator and lead author of the Science article. "Understanding a comet's water cycle and supply is critical to understanding these bodies as a system, and as a possible source that delivered water to Earth," she said.    

Dark matter comes out of the cold  - BBC  The researchers have been able to establish that the galaxies contain about 400 times the amount of dark matter as they do normal matter. "The distribution of dark matter bears no relationship to anything you will have read in the literature up to now," explained Professor Gilmore. "It comes in a 'magic volume' which happens to correspond to an amount which is 30 million times the mass of the Sun. "It looks like you cannot ever pack it smaller than about 300 parsecs - 1,000 light-years; this stuff will not let you. That tells you a speed actually - about 9km/s." The speed is a big surprise. Current theory had predicted dark matter particles would be extremely cold.    

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