Intermediate Word:  precept (a) bishop's lieutenant  (b) creative idea  (c) rule of conduct  (d) door threshold
Difficult Word:
  chef- d'ouvre -  (a) compliments of the chef  (b) a masterpiece  (c) an egg omelet  (d) a master chef

Asteroids Near Jupiter are Really Comets - Space.com  Two objects lurking near Jupiter and once considered rocky asteroids have turned out to be comets made up mostly of ice and dirt. Using the Keck II Laser Telescope in Hawaii, astronomers found that the two objects, 617 Patroclus and its companion, Menoetius, had a density of only 0.8 grams per cubic centimeters—only a third that of rock. The finding could mean that many or most of asteroid-like objects hovering around Jupiter and known as Trojans are actually comets.
Inside Rocks, Implications For Finding Life On Mars - SpaceDaily  UCLA paleobiologist J. William Schopf and colleagues have produced 3-D images of ancient fossils - 650 million to 850 million years old - preserved in rocks, an achievement that has never been done before. If a future space mission to Mars brings rocks back to Earth, Schopf said the techniques he has used, called confocal laser scanning microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, could enable scientists to look at microscopic fossils inside the rocks to search for signs of life, such as organic cell walls. These techniques would not destroy the rocks.     

Cooking Dinner At Home From The Office - SpaceDaily  Left:  Astronaut Daniel Burbank, mission specialist for STS-106, uses a laptop computer onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Embedded Web Technology, developed at Glenn Research Center, allows astronauts to monitor and operate international space station experiments from remote positions, just as it lets owners of the Connect Io Intelligent Oven cook meals away from home. Credit: NASA.  NASA counts on Embedded Web Technology to allow astronauts to operate experiments from anywhere on the international space station using a laptop computer. With authorization to use the Embedded Web Technology, Mansbery formed the TMIO company to develop the Connect Io Intelligent Oven.   

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