Intermediate Word:  hyperbole -  (a) very large tree trunk  (b) oversized cotton bole  (c) exaggeration   (d) extreme ambition
Difficult Word: - galilee  (a) heavy awning fabric  (b) striped upholstery fabric  (c) baptismal fount  (d) west end chapel on medieval English church

Researchers Try To Create Cyclic Ozone - SpaceDaily  With nearly twice the energy of normal, bent-shaped ozone (O3), cyclic ozone could hold the key component for a future manned-mission to Mars. No one has ever seen-let alone made-cyclic ozone. But that could all change at Temple University's Center for Advanced Photonics Research, which has been awarded a one-year, $1.25 million grant to develop cyclic ozone by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA). "This is way-over-the-horizon research," he adds. "But if you can produce cyclic ozone, that might be a key component to interplanetary space exploration."    
Titanic life may bloom without water  - Nature  The extraordinary images sent from Saturn's giant moon by the Huygens spacecraft should make speculation about life in liquids other than water more than a scientific parlour game. In fact, a lifeless Titan would point to a gap in our understanding of carbon-based molecules, says chemist Steven Benner of the University of Florida in Gainesville. Organisms should be comfortable in a hydrocarbon ocean, he says. This possibility has previously been given short shrift. NASA has mostly explored places thought to contain liquid water, either now or in the past. It has sent craft to Mars, where ancient rivers seem to have carved the surface. But does life depend on water? Or could it be that Earth life has evolved to suit its watery home?

HP: For circuits, swap silicon for molecules  - C/Net  Researchers from the Palo Alto, Calif.-based computing giant have created devices called crossbar latches that can be used to perform calculations in microprocessors, the same function silicon transistors now have. The difference is that crossbar latches--which consist of a grid of microscopic wires linked by molecules at their intersections--are far smaller and, potentially, far cheaper to make.

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