Intermediate Word:  effete -  (a) worn-out  (b) effeminate  (c) gradually arrived at  (d) ethereal
Difficult Word: - galago  (a) dish made of mutton, aspic, legumes and spices   (b) underwater island  (c) large-eyed African monkey  (d) rain poncho

In The Stars: Neighboring Life Is Looming - SpaceDaily  Left:  An ocean of liquid water could exist beneath the icy surface of Jupiter's large moon, Europa (pictured). The Jovian system experiences strong tidal influences from the biggest planet in the solar system, enough to keep the ice thawed inside Europa and perhaps generate enough heat to support a biosystem. This image of Europa orbiting Jupiter was captured by Cassini Dec. 7, 2000. Photo credit: NASA.  Jupiter itself could play host to life in its vast atmosphere, as could Saturn. Somehow, scientists think, lightning played a role in forging the longer molecular chains. Ultraviolet light from the sun is another player. Water remains the most critical ingredient for life. In 2015, if all goes as scheduled, NASA will launch its Prometheus mission to Jupiter's moons. Its mission is to zero in on Europa, sending a probe plunging through the ice to attempt to determine if there is, as expected, water below and whether anything is swimming in it.
Husky puppy on London climate demo   PA Climate crisis near 'in 10 years'  - BBC  The world may have little more than a decade to avert catastrophic climate change, politicians and scientists say. A report by the International Climate Change Taskforce says it is vital that global temperatures do not rise by more than 2C above pre-industrial levels. It says: "Above the 2C level, the risks of abrupt, accelerated or runaway climate change also increase. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that would trigger this rise could possibly be reached in about 10 years or so. A leading climate scientist has told the BBC he thinks temperatures may be higher than 2C some time this century.   

Are U.S. Corporate Profits Slipping? - Economist  Most American companies have enjoyed several years of bumper profits. But, as the results season gets under way, some big firms are reporting that times are getting tougher. Are many more set to follow? The days of vast and ever-growing profits may be coming to an end for the time being. In fact, according to figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, overall profits for all businesses decreased by $55.9 billion in the third quarter, a 4.8% drop compared with the previous quarter. For non-financial firms things look better: profits have soared since 2001 and are still growing. But that growth began to slow in the second half of last year (see chart). The problem that faces America’s companies is that productivity growth of 4% is unsustainable. Optimistic estimates suggest that productivity growth could bounce back at the end of 2005, but only to the trend level of around 2.5% that America saw in the years preceding the recession rather than the rampant rate of growth underlying the profits bonanza since 2001.

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