Intermediate Word:  choleric  (a) easily angered  (b) infected with cholera  (c) untruthful  (d) melancholy
Difficult Word: - allopathic -  a) "A hair of the dog that bit me." medicine  (b) modern Western medicine  (c) a slow, occult disease process  (d) pertaining to herbal and nutritional medicine

Implant 'could cut stroke deaths'  - BBC  Left:  Many strokes are caused by blood clots traveling to the brain.  Scientists in Israel have developed a device which they believe could prevent thousands of strokes a year. The simple mesh cylinder is implanted into the two main arteries in the neck and is designed to divert blood clots away from the brain.  MindGuard, the manufacturers are now planning clinical trials to test the implant further. The most common cause of stroke is a blood clot elsewhere in the body breaking off and travelling to the brain, where it blocks one of the small blood vessels.
website, Ribeiro 'Save the Hubble' campaign soars  - BBC  A petition website calling for the Hubble Space Telescope to be saved is attracting a growing number of hits. www.SaveTheHubble.com was established by University of Brasilia lecturer Fernando Ribeiro following the US space agency's decision to abandon the scope. Left alone, Hubble, called the most important scientific instrument ever, could only survive another three years. Astronomers were stunned when Nasa's chief, Sean O'Keefe, decided on 16 January to cancel the fifth, and final, visit of the space shuttle to service the Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

A woodcut of a witch feeding her familiars

Lost your bottle?The relic which shows the lingering fear of witchcraft  - BBC  A chilling reminder of our superstitious past has been unearthed from a rural farmhouse. The "witch bottle" was discovered buried in old foundations in the Lincolnshire village of Navenby. Containing bent pins, human hair and perhaps urine, the bottles were supposed to protect a household against evil spells. Dated to about 1830, it is evidence the fear of dark forces persisted far longer than previously thought. It was only recognised when taken to a open evening held by the archaeology department of Lincolnshire County Council. Finds Liaison Officer Adam Daubney first identified the artefact.


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