Intermediate Word:  campanile (a) camp beside a river  (b) striped awning cloth  (c) \soothing skin lotion  (d) bell tower
Difficult Word: - reeding - (a)
weaving with reeds  (b) convex molding  (c) march bird  (d) gathering reeds for cooking

The Promise Of Left-Handed Metamaterials  Left:  viewed as an optical analog of semiconductors that modify the properties of light similarly to a microscopic atomic lattice that creates a semiconductor band-gap for electrons. It is therefore believed that by replacing relatively slow electrons with photons as the carriers of information, the speed and band-width of advanced communication systems will be dramatically increased, thus revolutionizing the telecommunication industry.  For his thesis Francisco Falcone analysed  photonic crystals which have good control of the signal but are not greatly efficient with respect to size. It is with a second type of structure where the results of the research team at the Public University of Navarre are more spectacular.   
Bionic Fiction Becomes Science Fact - SpaceDaily   A highly dexterous, bio-inspired artificial hand and sensory system that could provide patients with active feeling, is being developed by the European CYBERHAND project. Funded by the Future and Emerging Technologies initiative of the IST programme, the CYBERHAND project aims to hard wire this hand into the nervous system, allowing sensory feedback from the hand to reach the brain, and instructions to come from the brain to control the hand, at least in part. So far, the project is racking up an impressive list of achievements. It has a complete, fully sensitised five-fingered hand. The CYBERHAND prototype has 16 Degrees of Freedom (DoFs) made possible by the work of six tiny motors.    

 Science faces 'dangerous times' ...  - BBC  Fundamentalism is hampering global efforts to tackle climate change, according to Britain's top scientist. He will warn core scientific values are "under serious threat from resurgent fundamentalism, West and East". "Ahead of us lie dangerous times," he will say in his fifth and final anniversary address. "Sadly, for many, the response is to retreat from complexity and difficulty by embracing the darkness of fundamentalist unreason." Another danger to the enlightenment of science came from the growing network of fundamentalist and lobby groups in the US that campaigned for creationism to be taught in science classes, he added. 

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