Intermediate Word:  Laodocian - (a) Christians in Laodocia noted for their pious enthusiasm  (b) gigantic snake whose coiled body keeps the oceans' waters from falling off the (flat) Earth  (c) pertaining to Laos  (d) indifferent
Difficult Word: - Hobbism   (a) doctrine that reality is a manifestation of God's Mind  (b) belief that trade between nations should be entirely free opf tariffs  (c) powerful government control  (d) belief in the greatest good for the greatest number

Sea-level Clue To Climate Change - SpaceDaily    It sounds like the plot for a disaster film: rising temperatures melt polar ice, causing a flood of freshwater to rapidly enter the salty North Atlantic. As the fresh and salty water mixes, density changes, altering the Gulf Stream ocean currents that moderate the North Atlantic climate. In just a few years, average temperatures plummet, ushering in a deep freeze that lasts a century or more before fresh and salty water is back in balance, ocean currents adjust and temperatures return to normal. Science fiction? Not to a growing number of geologists and climatologists who've studied facts showing a precipitous 6-degree Centigrade drop in Greenland's average temperature some 8,200 years ago as the Earth was exiting the last ice age and polar ice sheets were melting in retreat. Many scientists believe a catastrophic flood of freshwater from "Lake Agassiz" entering the North Atlantic clipped the flow of the Gulf Stream current.
Moon Could Meet Earth's Energy Needs  - SpaceDaily  "When compared to the earth the moon has a tremendous amount of helium 3," said Lawrence Taylor, a director of the US Planetary Geosciences Institute, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. "Just 25 tonnes of helium, which can be transported on a space shuttle, is enough to provide electricity for the US for one full year," said Taylor, who is in the north Indian city of Udaipur for a global conference on moon exploration. Some 200 million tonnes of lunar soil would produce one tonne of helium, Taylor said, noting that only 10 kilos of helium 3 are available on earth.   

Scientists Call For Permanent Manned Lunar Base By 2024 - SpaceDaily  Scientists from leading space nations closed a conference on moon exploration here last Friday with a call for global cooperation to achieve a permanent human lunar base by 2024. "It laid the roadmap for future explorations with a step-wise approach starting with joint scientific analysis of the data from current and previous lunar missions," said Bernard Foing, executive director of the International Lunar Working Group, a public forum sponsored by the world's space agencies. Future lunar missions are currently planned by the United States, Europe, China, Japan and India.  

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