SAT-Practice Word of the Day: ornate
Intermediate Word of the Day: coulee
Difficult Word of the Day: litotes

                       ENCOUNTER WITH A LIZARD

There he crouches, facing me warily
across a patio and seventy million years,
a descendent of the rip-toothed horrors
that once owned the Earth,
ready to scamper for cover
if I should hazard an innocent move.
And here I stand
the great-great-grandchild of furtive
rat-like mammals,
too small to make a meal,
that peopled the shadows
and hid in pocket burrows
from his razor-fanged ancestors.
How times have changed!
How the mighty have fallen! And now we have had the last laugh.
And yet, I could almost imagine that he is laughing at us...?
Does he know that,
Somewhere in the cell's teeming inner sea
That is the womb and the grave of all life,
Our own successor is waiting to be born?