Intermediate Word:  gnu (a) card game similar to conquien  (b) African antelope  (c) pen holder  (d) southeast Asian water buffalo
Difficult Word: - parrel - (a) horse
corral made with thorn bushes  (b) equal exchange of prisoners  (c) sliding loop of rope to which a yard may be attached  (d) substituting one item for another of like value

Samsung's flexible LCD Samsung unveils largest flexible LCD  - C/Net   Samsung Electronics has created a flexible LCD screen that measures 7 inches diagonally, another technology that may one day be used in products such as e-books. The display is functionally similar to the LCD (liquid crystal display) panels used inside TVs and notebooks, but with a crucial difference. Instead of containing glass substrates, the screen features a substrate of flexible plastic, allowing the display to bend. The new screen, which sports a resolution of 640 pixels by 480 pixels, has twice the surface area of another prototype shown off in January. Philips and start-up E Ink are promoting a display in which black-and-white microcapsules embedded in a screen flip to create words. Other companies, meanwhile, tout organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which also consume less energy than LCDs. OLED, though, remains a relatively new technology, and questions about brightness, durability and functionality remain.
Maxell drive Maxell focuses on holographic storage  - C/Net  Information storage media company Maxell has said it will launch its first holographic storage products in September 2006. The first removable drive will have a capacity of 300GB and a throughput of 160mbps. With a single holographic removable drive, or disk, able to store 1.6 million high-resolution color photos or more than 240 hours of TV broadcast, holographic storage is starting to draw the attention of many in the IT industry.     Earlier this month, Turner Entertainment's vice president of broadcast technology, Ron Tarasoff, said his company is planning to sell holographic disks that will retail for $100 and which, in five years, will have a capacity of 1.6 terabytes each. "Even the first versions can store 300GB per disk, and it has 160mbps data throughput rates. That's burning. Then combine it with random access, and it's the best of all worlds."

Political science: Dinosaurs enter US Republicans' hot debate about creation  - BBC  Millions of Americans, most of them supporters of the Republican party, believe that the world was created only a few thousand years ago as per the account in Genesis and the dinosaurs can only date from then, so the Tyrannosaurus Rex romped around with Adam and Eve. In other words these Americans, heirs to every scientific advance in history, deny rational accounts of how the world came to exist. I put the question to Meade: "When did the dinosaurs live?" The dinosaurs, he informs me with great authority and aplomb, are millions and millions and millions of years old. 

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