Intermediate Word:  corpus delecti (a) "classy chassis"  (b) corpse of murder victim  (c) body of law relating to extramarital affairs  (d) corpus used in word frequency assessments
Difficult Word: - apologue - (a)
moral fable  (b) preamble  (c) closing remarks  (d) eulogy

Restructuring Russia's Space Program - SpaceDaily  In the next two years Russia intends to put on the statute book the integration of the defense sector, and especially its space industry, as a priority area of national security. "Our industry," said Perminov, "is able to fulfill the federal space program up to 2015, but everything will depend on the funding." Only adequate financing, or rather concentration of money in well-developed space centers, can help implement the 10-year space program to restore and replenish in a timely manner Russia's orbital formation and carry out manned near-Earth missions and deep space studies. Considering that "the United States' funding is 30 times higher and China's 2.5 times higher than ours," it means we can produce top-quality space equipment and orbit spacecraft without hitches and mishaps only through maximum integration of the space industry. But that calls for a dependable legal background.   
Japan Probe 'Almost Certainly' Collected First-Ever Asteroid Samples - SpaceDaily  A Japanese spacecraft successfully landed on a far-away asteroid Saturday for a second time and almost certainly collected the first-ever samples from such a celestial body, Japan's space agency said. The Hayabusa probe is on a landmark mission to bring back material from the Itokawa asteroid 290 million kilometers (180 million miles) from Earth. "As this asteroid was estimated to have emerged roughly 4.6 billion years ago, when the solar system was created, the samples could be something like fossils of the solar system,"    

Mars Rovers Just Keeps Going And Going - SpaceDaily  Left:  This synthetic image of the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover on top of a rock called "Jibsheet" was produced using "Virtual Presence in Space" technology. Developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this technology combines visualization and image-processing tools with Hollywood-style special effects. The image was created using a photorealistic model of the rover and a false-color mosaic. The size of the rover in the image is approximately correct and was based on the size of the rover tracks in the mosaic. The mosaic was assembled from frames taken by the panoramic camera on the rover's 489th Martian day, or sol (May 19, 2005). Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell.  Designed to last only 90 martian days (sols), the six-wheeled marvel the size of a golf cart has pursued a steady course of solar-driven geologic fieldwork   

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