Intermediate Word:  cruller - (a) doughnut  (b) scouring rag  (c) reject  (d) embryonic flatworm
Difficult Word: -hornito   (a) type of Mexican hornet  (b) hornet pupae  (c) low volcanic mound  (d) angry cutthroat

Emory Chemists Create Unprecedented Metallic Molecule - SpaceDaily  Left: Oxygen molecules on a platinum surface change orientation when they receive an electron. Image: S. Backus/Univ. of Colorado. For the first time ever, Emory University researchers have broken through the so-called "oxo-wall" to create stable multiple chemical bonds between oxygen and platinum once thought impossible because oxygen is extremely unstable when combined with certain metals. The breakthrough holds the potential for numerous applications in fuel cells, catalytic converters and emerging 'green' chemistry. Until this work, attempts to create metal-oxo species with elements such as gold, platinum, silver, iridium and rhodium have been unsuccessful. One important and growing technology where the platinum-oxo unit may also be key is fuel cells.    
Impression of Iter at Cadarache (Europa) EU gets tough on fusion reactor  - BBC  Left:  Europe would build Iter on the French Mediterranean   a. Project estimated to cost 10bn euros and will run for 35 years.  b. It will produce the first sustained fusion reactions  c. Final stage before full prototype of commercial reactor is built. The international project has been stalled because the parties involved cannot agree on a location to build it. Now, EU ministers say that if no deal is done soon, they will go it alone with a reactor at Cadarache in France. "This is not an ultimatum, but we wish to reach a political agreement before the end of the year," French research minister Francois D'Aubert told reporters on Friday.


Saving power It's switch-off time for the old-fashioned lightbulb  - BBC  Switching to low energy lightbulbs - known as compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs - is perhaps one of the few practical ways we can help to cut down on energy use. Philips hopes to reduce the heavy metal content in its CFL lightbulbs, but eliminating it altogether is still some way off. However much energy CFLs save, it is a drop in the ocean compared with the energy consumed by one of the West's great luxuries - air conditioning. Even in cold northern European countries such as Sweden and the UK, air conditioning is becoming ubiquitous - and demand is growing. 

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